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Daniel Robertson

The story of Daniel Robertson begins in 1853 when John Robertson imported Welsh roofing slates as ballast in sailing ships into Melbourne.

He was soon providing all forms of roofing, including terracotta tiles, across his newly adopted hometown and in 1910 the company commenced its first manufacturing venture producing concrete roof tiles in Whiteman Street, South Melbourne.

To this day, many of Melbourne's most notable buildings still feature those original Daniel Robertson roofs. But it wasn't until 1928 that the company sealed its reputation for quality craftsmanship after acquiring Tunstall Brickworks in Nunawading and converting it for the production of terracotta tiles.

The transistion to red clay products proved extremely successful and business grew rapidly. By 1967 the company was a leader in the field, researching and developing new colours, shapes and textures.

In that same year, it launched a unique range of rustic bricks as an alternative to the smooth-faced options only available at the time. They were an instant hit.

Demand for this new product soon became so great that roof tile production was phased out within two years to focus on manufacturing bricks.

In 2012 Australia's largest building products manufacturer Brickworks Building Products group acquired the company. Under this well respected banner, Daniel Robertson continues to deliver excellence and innovation in architectural brickwork.

There are simply no better premium quality bricks available today.