Made in Tasmania, Daniel Robertson has been building Australia from the ground up since 1853.


This year, Daniel Robertson celebrates a sustainability milestone, 10 Years of manufacturing Climate Active-certified carbon neutral bricks.


Our Daniel Robertson range - manufactured out of the Austral Bricks Longford, Tasmania operation - achieved carbon neutral certification by reducing emissions through efficiency improvements and by offsetting any remaining emissions. It is assessed and certified by Climate Active Australia.


We use local biofuels, in the form of waste sawdust products, to fire our kiln in Tasmania. This simple switch has led to the reduction of approximately over 70,000 tonnes of carbon emissions since 2013.


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To further celebrate this milestone, we'd like to showcase 10 iconic Daniel Robertson projects.


Hotel Verge

Hotel Verge by Cumulus Studio draws on Launceston's rich legacy of brick buildings, while embracing a new approach to material and form.

Building new in the historic context of Launceston requires a careful approach to the scale, materiality and character of the city. Hotel Verge is a considered response to this challenge.


Product // Hawthorn Tan and London

Architect // Cumulus Studio

Landscape Architect // Lindsay Campbell Landscape Services

Principal Contractor // Fairbrother

Photography // Anjie Blair

Hyde Park House

Built to respond sensitively to its heritage environment, this inspiring family home is a measured exercise in contemporary living.

When Robeson Architects were given the task of addressing heritage-related concerts, in a non-heritage listed area, their response was to lead with a future-driven observance and respectful understanding of what it meant to build in place, with architectural consciousness.


Product // Hawthorn Tan and Red

Architect // Robeson Architects

Landscape Architect // CAPA

Photography // Vincent Robeson

Stoney Rise Wine Cellar Door

Set on the idyllic shores of Gravelly Beach, Stoney Rise Wine's new cellar door, conceptualised by Cumulus Studio is a sculptural build, modern in form yet natural in materiality.

An angular structure, with sloping diagonal features, the project plays with light, casting shadow over the grassy hills surrounding the cellar door.


Product // Hawthon London

Architect // Cumulus Studio

Photography // Anjie Blair

Merri Creek

Nestled within a tree-lined street in the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne lies a suburban family home like you've never seen before.

When WOWOWA Architecture designed this sculptural masterpiece, their overriding design ambition was to make 'the familiar strange and the strange familiar'. This concept couldn't be truer for this unconventional home, where the modern and gothic intersect in the most wonderful, playful way.


Product // Traditional Buff

Architect // WOWOWA Architecture

Builder // ATMA Builder

Photography // Shannon McGrath

Augusta House

Implementing an environmentally embedded palette, this Western Australian home completely coalesces with nature through its considered materiality and eco-conscious design.

On the brink of Australia's western shores and a willowy peppermint forest, Augusta House by Joseph Calasara sits peacefully between two biomes.


Product // Hawthon London

Architect // Joseph Calasara

AHV Reservoir

Responding to the ongoing need for affordable and considered social housing, especially and most importantly for First Nations people, Brickworks and esteemed architectural firm, Breathe, have collaborated with Aboriginal Housing Victoria (AHV), to bring to life direction in quality, multi-residential projects.


Product // Hawthorn 470 Surrey - Carbon Neutral Bricks

Architect // Breathe Architecture

Photography // Andrew Wuttke

Mainview Boulevard Family Learning Centre

A place for the local community to gather, Mainview Boulevard Family Learning Centre aims to cater to families by improving the environments and experiences of local children.

Purpose built for the community, Mainview Boulevard collaborates with local services, schools and organisations to deliver enriched experiences for families.


Product // Hawthon Cambridge

Architect // Canvas Projects

Photography // Peter Bennetts

Elsternwick House

Beautiful solid sharp designs at Elsternwick House.


Product // Hawthorn50 London

Builder // BD Projects

Bricklayer // All Things Bricks Block & Stone

Photography // John Gollings

Joyce Chapel Bridge

Joyce Chapel Bridge is situated in a well-known garden cemetery in Melbourne's northern suburbs. This bridge includes salvaged bricks from the previously standing bridge, ultimately creating a structure that honours the heritage requirements of the site.

Importantly also in the design process was the acknowledgement of the sensitive location, with the ultimate aim to create a calm and idyllic space.


Product // Hawthon Cambridge, Black, London, Red

Architect // Searle X Waldron Architecture

Contractor // Hayden Bradley & Mal Sinclair Bricklaying

Goulburn Street Housing

Cumulus Studio has an eye for seeking the extraordinary in the everyday.

Transforming a council car park into a multidimensional housing facility for the disadvantaged and disabled is no easy feat, yet one the design firm completed seamlessly.


Product // Hawthorn Red

Architect // Cumulus Studio

Photography // Adam Gibson